Brendan Cody-Kenny
June 2016 - 2018


I was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the NCRA (Natural Computing Research and Applications) Group in University College Dublin.

Working on Search-Based Software Engineering.
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Performance Improvement of Regular Expressions

Reducing run-time of regexes in Python with Genetic Programming.


June 2016


Ph.D. Graduand as of October 2015 in Trinity College Dublin. Graduated June 2016.

Thesis Title: Genetic Programming Bias with Software Performance Analysis

Interests include the application of Evolutionary Computation to Software Engineering.


Source available:

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locoGP is a Genetic Programming system which modifies, compiles and executes Java source code with a focus on improving the performance of programs as measured in bytecodes executed.

Paper: html pdf
Java problems and improvement listings: html
Source: github

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